Since the dawn of man, the Gods have involved themselves in the affairs of humankind – and in affairs with humankind. Slaking their all-too-human desires with the flesh of mortal paramours, the Gods often sire half-breed offspring. These children, Scions, are invariably left for their mortal parents to care for. Though far weaker than their divine parents, Scions possess abilities far beyond those of any mere mortal.
As the Titans force their way back into existence and wage war with the Gods in heaven, the Gods have been forced to Visit more Scions in a period of time ever before, granting them their Birthrights and awakening their power in order to combat the titanspawn threatening to swing the balance of the war.

One enterprising Scion, Jove Drakos, son of Zeus, has decided to take matters into his own hands. Being a former CEO, he knew some things about running large groups of people. With this in mind, he used his many contacts and seemingly bottomless resources to contact and recruit almost twenty additional Scions into his organization, The Allegiance, in the last seven years alone.
One Scion is dangerous. A band of them is lethal. A small army can obliterate entire hordes of titanspawn. Jove has a small army, and he’s looking to expand. Nobody can say what he plans to do with that kind of power, but the Gods don’t seem to care and he pays too well for any Scion to complain.

You have just been contacted. Where you go from here is entirely up to you.

The Allegiance