The Allegiance

Hero - Session One
Case of the inside-out burning

“That seems a little classless” – Lee, start of session.
“We’ll see if you still say that three session from now” – Mathew.

The party (minus James, who was ill) receive letters and later instructions on wat do for their first mission from the Allegiance. After a conversation with Jove, which ended with him deciding to ignore Tin’s character (Freedom) forever, their first mission (which they accepted as it gave Sheamus access to the open bar upon completion) was to figure out what the fuck was going on with all of these burnings.

You see, people were being burnt from the inside out, then their houses explode in order to cover it up. As they headed to the crime scene, they had to deal with a Shinobi assassin, who was killed in fairly short order. Continuing on their way, they met Akane, son of Baron Samedi and apparently another agent of the Allegiance who offered practically no aid and just made them paranoid. After they reached the conclusion that the offending creature was not, in fact, a magma-filled kool-aid-man-yeti but a fire giant, they left to go hunt the beast and tracked him to a local shopping mall.

The resulting fight with the Fire Giant and his Mall Cop thralls (they’d drunk his blood, turning them into thralls/berserkers) trashed a decent floor of the mall and spread blood and frozen peas everywhere. Before they could leave, they were confronted by Oshi Fujjii and his few-dozen Shinobi, who asked if they would like to talk business with him as they had just made an opening in his organization.


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