Frederich St-Louis

Son of Ptah and creator of wonderful toys


A 19-year-old french canadian who suffered from a bad case of measles when he was young, Frederich’s pock-scarred face and slimy hair hides a bubbly interior happy to finally be creating objects for a worthy cause beyond lining his own pockets.

His main birthright takes an unusual form – a large workbench, with constantly self-repairing tools. In battle, however, a small puzzle ring on his finger grants him access to the Fire purview, although he’s horrendous at using it.


Born to a poor mother, his family was supported by his own creations – often refined by his father while he slept. His big brother, Julien, is often jealous of his sibling’s talents, but cares for him enough that he puts up with his childish fascination with being a hero – and the frequent demands that accompany it.

Frederich St-Louis

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