Jove Drakos

Son of Zeus, Commander of The Allegiance, CEO of Drake Corp


A tall, thin Greek man in his late 30’s, Jove prefers to be called by his last name, considering his first – a direct reference to his father – a disgrace. Well dressed, with graying hair and a trimmed mustache, he splits his time between the offices of Drake Corp and the secret underground complex where The Allegiance operates, there being a direct link elevator from his office in his tower to the complex.

He proudly displays a golden lapel pin with a lightning bolt on it, which he explains to any Scion that asks was his only Birthright given to him by his father, allowing him access to the sky powers. During his first battle, before the idea of forming the Allegiance came to him, he retrieved one of the lost Rods of Zeus – rods of gold that allows the wielder to emulate the powers of Zeus’ lightning bolts, even if they were mere mortals. To round out his relics, he was once gifted a pet Hippocampus, which he keeps in a pool in the complex (with a tunnel leading to the Saint-Laurence river, of course).


Born in 1984 to a poor family, Jove Drakon eventually became a ward of the state after a freak ‘gas leak’ (actually a Fire Giant) destroyed his home and birth mother/stepfather, only surviving when his biological father decided to ‘step in’ by throwing a lightning bolt and dropping the lapel pin. Spending the rest of his life honing his intellectual abilities, Jove eventually created a new form of battery which made millions, before handing the reigns over to Drake Corp’s engineers and focusing on building up The Allegiance instead.

His relationship with his father is extremely strained, since Zeus didn’t even bother to explain what was happening, just blitzing and leaving. Jove didn’t understand the truth of his powers, or experience, until his 21st birthday, when he encountered the daughter of Osiris, Fukayna Stern. Fukayna later went on to become a member of his Band, and eventually helped form The Allegiance.

Jove Drakos

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