Victor Lawson and Julien St-Louis

A morgue doctor and a taxi driver


Victor Lawson is a mousy, tanned man who wears a labcoat several times to large for him. Julien is a tall, balding french canadian with a large nose.


Victor is something of a rarity – a mortal with powers similar to those of a Scion. While weak, he is technically a user of the Death purview, and should not be underestimated. These abilities have made him useful to the Allegiance on more than one occasion.
Julien is similar, except instead of the Death purview he is a Psychopomp. That ability often reduces him to the Allegiance’s guide and official transportation, which he agrees to do grudgingly at the behest of his younger half-brother, Frederich.

Victor Lawson and Julien St-Louis

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